Hello!! On this page I’ll be updating on what I’m working on, progress, events, and anything else I can think of!

I’m currently in the process of working on two projects. One will be the first book of a completely new series which will be vastly different from Coin Toss. This new series will delve into the world of fantasy and the supernatural, (I’ll be leaking out details and excerpt here from time to time!). The other is the second book in the First and Ten series, which I’m tentatively titling, Freshmen Trials.


Planning on getting some time later (at least, that’s the hope…with a two year old things get interesting!) to continue work on my sci-fi/fantasy series. I’m in the neighborhood of halfway through the first book…I’m kicking around different titles but as of right now, the series will be called: Orianna Avani and the Elementals. I’ll be leaking out more information here as the year rolls on…

Been a little while since I’ve added anything, time moves so quickly! Right now I’ve finished the first draft of the fantasy series, which I’m very excited about! In addition to working through edits, I’ve also begun the sequel to Coin Toss… I’ll be throwing in some big twists in this one. I’m hoping to leak out some info regarding the fantasy series very soon!